Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Progressive Run and 9.85 Miles Total

Today would be a day of reckoning. After 5 days of slow running and wondering if something was wrong with me, I would face a true test and have to do a workout with Sean and Luis. Sean asked me if I was ready. I replied I'm always optimistic about my workouts and today was no different. Even though I was struggling with running recently I was happy to try this workout. The workout was to start at 7:00 minute pace and then progressively cut 15 seconds per mile for 9 miles. Mathematically that would mean I would finish at 5 minute pace. Now it wasn't expected that I would be able to hang all the way down to 5 minute pace. Especially since the humidity factor was out there. But Sean told me to hang on as long as I could and then jog out the rest. Here is how it turned out.

Mile 16:55
Mile 26:43
Mile 36:27
Mile 46:08
Mile 55:56
Mile 65:43
Mile 75:26
Mile 85:10
Mile 98:37 (cool down)
Total Average Pace 6:21
Last .859:23 (cool down w/ Sean & Luis

The run was a success. It proved that there was nothing wrong with me. Sean told me I was probably experiencing the effects of dehydration yesterday. I think that was the case. I will definitely have to watch my nutrition and hydration a lot closer in the coming months as the heat ratchets up.

Oh, and before I forget. What is the purpose of this type of run? The purpose of the run is to simulate race conditions. And believe me it did! During this run you will end up running many different race paces(10k, 5k) and if you are on your game you will end up finishing at your goal 5k pace.


Anonymous said...

Great workout...good job. I need to give something like that a try...what was the elevation like throughout? Also, give yourself a good 2 weeks to get used to the heat/humidity....I live in NC and it is starting up here, too.....


Bill Blancett said...


The elevation was flat. We did it at the local park which has a dirt surface. It's a good workout. You'll basically be going from easy run pace to marathon pace all the way down to 5k pace. It will also end up working all of your energy systems at the same time or at least that's what Sean told me.

By the way NC is very beautiful...