Sunday, May 10, 2009

Easy Run 8.67

Today Sean and I were in a pickle. We had waited too long to do our long run and neither one of us like waking up early on Sunday to do our run. So we ended up doing this one about 11:20 am in the middle of the heat and humidity. As I start running more often with Sean I'm going to have to start adjusting my comfort zone because when Sean gets warmed up he gets moving and today was no different. I didn't pay attention to what pace we were running until the end when I noticed we were doing 6:20's.

Mile 1 7:39
Mile 2 7:01
Mile 3 6:46
Mile 4 6:45
Mile 5 6:43
Mile 6 6:29
Mile 7 6:23
Mile 8 6:17
Mile .67 6:20
Total Average Pace 6:44

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