Friday, May 8, 2009

Tempo Run - total 9.73 miles

The goal of this run was to do 6 miles @ 5:25 pace. Sean kind of kidded me and told me that this was the best time to kick he and Luis' butts since he was coming off of an injury and Luis had been out late the night before. I sort of laughed and shrugged it off. I knew darn well that this "tempo" run was closer to my race pace than my tempo pace. But who knows maybe I could surprise myself? During the run I just zoned out and followed the guys. We warmed up for 2.90 miles and then started our tempo. It wasn't so bad the first 3 miles and if I was naive I would have thought I could have finished the run. But it was hot and humid so once you lost fluids you were done. In the middle of the run Sean told me to see how I felt after mile 4. I'm glad he told me that because I might have been dumb enough to try and finish the tempo. Before I hit mile 4, I had made up my mind I would stop at the end of mile 4 but Sean told me not to stop unless I started to run slower than 5:35 pace. I wasn't too committed to going any further so I was kind of happy when I looked at my Garmin and saw 5:45 pace at mile 4.18. I then stopped and jogged the remaining miles. Then I jogged with Sean and Luis after they finished their tempo. It's a different type of feeling running with these guys than with myself. Basically there is nowhere to hide during the workout. I'm accountable in that the guys will know what I run right then and there. So that forces me to work a little harder. Here are the splits:

Warm Up

Mile 1 7:43
Mile 2 7:10
Mile .9 6:58

Tempo Run

Mile 1 5:27
Mile 2 5:27
Mile 3 5:26
Mile 4 5:24

Cool Down

Mile 1 7:53
Mile 2 8:42
Mile 3 7:59

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