Sunday, July 4, 2010

Run Wild 5k 2010 16:28 - 1st Overall – 8.15 Miles Total

  • Warm up
  • 4 set of 20 jump rope on each leg
  • Race 16:28
  • Cool Down

I had to reset my Garmin and once I did this I forgot to set it to auto lap after a mile. So all I have is the total time it took to run the race, no splits. I didn’t really have a focused plan. All I know is that I wasn’t going to go out my first race back and try to hammer. So as I toed the line I told Gerardo I wasn’t going to take it out hard. And I stayed true to the statement.

We were off. I stayed behind the leaders and picked a spot where I could navigate the easiest. A couple of guys led out in front of me. As the race started to unfold I noticed how slow the pace was so I pushed ever so slightly and that was enough to put me in the lead. I was hitting about 5:15 pace which is really slow for me on my first mile but it was good enough to be the lead guy. Everyone was packed tightly together after the first mile.

After the first mile a guy came out aggressively behind me. So I moved aside and he overtook me. I wasn’t too worried. I figured if he wanted to make his moves I would just follow behind him. I didn’t recognize the guy but he was running well so my only strategy was to stay close behind him and see what happens. After about .7 miles into mile 2 he begins to slow so I decide to continue the same pace we were on (5:15) and I end up overtaking him.

A little ways into the 3rd mile a large pack aggressively runs us down and overtakes us. I decide to position myself at the front of the pack. I didn’t want to get pinned in. I also wanted to get the best tangents on the turns. With about .8 to go I decide to make a surge. I quickly separate from the pack and I am on my own with 1 guy about 3 seconds behind me. I decide to coast a bit. I turn around and the guy is still 3 seconds behind me so I decide if he is not going to make a move then I’ll just sit on this lead as long as I can and then just kick at the end. I keep looking back and this emboldens the guy to make his move. He probably thinks I’m tired, but I’m just making sure he doesn’t sneak up on me. With a little over .1 to go he has cut down the gap to about a second so I kicked it in to the finish line to win the race.

This was probably the easiest 5k I have ever run. I never pushed, I only sat during the race and made a few moves when needed. Some guys were giving me a hard time about the time, but it was what it was. A rust buster. The race also gave me a new perspective. Maybe the best way to preserve a long and enjoyable running career is to know when to push. Maybe the best thing isn’t to run every race like it’s your last. Maybe the best thing to do is to run to win. To save your best efforts for the best races.

I’ll have to revisit that thought.


JB said...

the guys giving you a hard time about your winning time? um...did THEY beat you?

Yeah, thats what i thought.

doh doh heads ;o)

Bill Blancett said...

Thanks June Bug