Sunday, July 25, 2010

8.71 Miles Easy

Mile 1 6:34
Mile 2 6:33
Mile 3 6:33
Mile 4 6:56
Mile 5 7:20
Mile 6 7:33
Mile 7 7:23
Mile 8 6:51
Mile 9 5:59
Total Average Pace 6:53

Ran with JP today. I was supposed to join him a little earlier but had trouble getting out the door. I did manage to jump in with him during the last part of his run as you can tell by my 6:30’s at the beginning of my run. I ended up slowing it down quite a bit to get the easy part in, until the last mile. This concludes a very tough 3 week period of training for me. That is, 3, 60+ mile weeks in a row, with some good workouts thrown in. This week I’ll take a couple days off and add some 6 mile days in there for a very light week. On Saturday I’ll throw in a race to see where I’m at fitness-wise.

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