Saturday, October 2, 2010

Race For The Cure 5k 15:49 3rd Overall - 8.62 Miles Total

  • 5 Strides

15:49 (Course PR)

Mile 14:47
Mile 25:00
Mile 35:21
Last .145:04
Total Average Pace:5:03
  • * 2 mile PR 9:47

The Susan B. Komen Race For The Cure is quite a large event. I would surmise that there were more participants in this race than in the Chevron Houston Marathon and Half Marathon. The official totals were well over 30,000 people. The weather and atmosphere were perfect. I arrived at the race on time and found a decent parking place then did my warm up. I went back to the truck got my kicks and jogged to the starting line. It was a little chaotic at this time. There were swarms of people and it was a little problematic getting up front but I managed to make it in time. As soon as I got up front I noticed Luis, J.P., and Ryan Smith warming up. I exchanged pleasantries and then did my strides. After I finished my strides I noticed that Sesar Figueroa was up at the front. Well, there goes any chance of winning this thing but I decided that I would use him to pace me early on. You see, the thing about this course is that the last mile is a series of up hills and then 1 long gradual incline to finish it off. I figure since the last one is the slowest mile I would try to knock out the first 2 pretty fast. Worst case scenario I would run maybe 5:10 the last mile. Eventually we all lined up and then we were off!

The first mile I remember well. Sesar took the lead early, with me tucked behind and then Luis. During the first mile I didn't feel too sharp, I was breathing a little bit, but wasn't in any distress. I could tell Luis was hanging right behind me because I could see his shadow. Sesar probably clicked off the first mile in 4:45, me 4:47, Luis 4:48.

The second mile, things started to take shape. Sesar started to pull away, but all he was probably doing was maintaining 4:45 pace. I slowed to around 5:00 minute pace. Right around 1.5 miles in Luis pulled ahead of me and I followed behind him. During this time I could hear J.P. breathing right behind me. Things were taking shape very predictably. I clicked off 2 miles in 9:47, Luis maybe 2 seconds in front of me.

During mile 3 the wheels came off. Every year miles 1 and 2 soften me up and then mile 3 deals me the knockout blow and this year was no different. As we crested the inclines Luis clearly started to pull away from me pretty quickly. I had nothing substantial left and when this happens on mile 3 then you are pretty much left with your butt exposed. And that is pretty much what happened. I licked my wounds and just finished out the last third of the race. I ended up running mile 3 at 5:21 pace. A pretty disappointing 3rd mile.

The last bit of the race ended up being a tad bit long but no worries, the first 3 miles are what counted. Sesar ran a very strong race on a tough course to finish in a great 14:56!!! Luis ran strong as well and finished in 15:24. I can't say I'm ecstatic over my result but I know this course beats me up every time. Maybe I could have ran it a bit smarter, going through two miles in 10 flat and maybe trying to hit the last mile in 5:05. But that still puts me around the same time that I ended up finishing with.


runperryrun said...

Well done! Hills in the last mile are tough in 5k you never make up the time you lose...

Bill Blancett said...

Thanks Perry,

Always a tough race for me, but always a thrill as well. Something about the sheer number of people taking part in this race gets the blood pumping.