Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rocket’s Run 2010 15:32 PR - 1st Overall

1.5 Mile Warm Up

4 Strides Including 30 second stride

Mile 1 4:48
Mile 2 5:06*
Mile 3 5:05**
Last Bit 36 33 seconds
Time 15:35 15:32
  • * 2 mile PR 9:54
  • ** 3 Mile PR 14:59

1.5 Mile Cool Down (Didn’t run any more than this because of cold weather and trashed achilles)

I arrived at the race a little later than expected and had to wait 20 minutes just to park in the garage. This ate up a lot of my preparation time, not to mention that I had to park at the top which slowed me down some as well going to and fro. I arrived at the starting line a few minutes before the start and did my last stride. I didn’t get to warm up as much as I would have liked but what can you do? Sometimes you aren’t going to be totally ready. As mentioned in my previous posts, I hadn’t been feeling that good all week. My legs felt fatigued and I was overworked and really didn’t get enough rest. So I really didn’t know what to expect. I just hoped for the best.

The gun sounded and I took off. I took the lead early on and never looked back. I ran alone the whole race. There really isn’t much to report about the race other than the splits, 4:48, 5:06, 5:05. I felt strong throughout. I had to take a few mental breaks since I was alone but other than that everything felt good. My 2nd and 3rd miles held up so I’m pleased. The last part in the tunnel I suspect was a bit long and I think I would have had a big PR but I won’t make a big fuss because I feel I’ll probably bring it down pretty good in my next 5k. All in all I have to be EXTREMELY pleased with the results 2 weeks out from the marathon and under the given circumstances. I’m on the right track.

A couple of things here. The timing and results got messed up big time. Initially, when they were handing out the awards I walked up the stage because I thought they were going to call my name for first place. They called the 2nd place finisher’s name and he took my award. There were a few laughs but I straightened it out with the organizers. But apparently it wasn’t totally straightened out in the results as they took my name and put it on the 2nd place finisher’s time. Which means I have a slower time and the 2nd place finisher was totally left out of the results! Oh well. Other than this mishap I enjoyed the race and the Rockets organizers were very gracious to me.

Update: It looks like EZToRegister corrected the results and listed me at 15:32 and included the 2nd place finisher as well. So it seems all is right with the world. Props to EZToRegister for getting it right.

Things didn’t end just there. I did another interview, although I don’t know which stations it showed on because I believe the Stephen (the guy that interviewed me) was a freelancer. I also got to go on the court at half time with my son and got presented in front of the fans. My son was TOTALLY blown away and is forever a Rockets fan. He had a special experience with Clutch that I’ll never forget. He enjoyed the game even though we lost a thriller. My wife and other son was there as well and she enjoyed the night out as well. All in all, a great day.

PS, I’ll have pictures and maybe some video later!

Race results can be found here.


Sam said...

Awesome, man. Great stuff that you and your son got out there for half-time. You can't buy stuff like that.

See ya out on the roads!

Junie B said...

Bill i set the DVR to record FOX news, but my stupid DVR didnt record it for whatever reason...please post video when you have it and i am also going to search their site for the clip.

and HOW do you mess up 1st and 2nd? really? glad you and your family got to enjoy everything. your family unit is STRONG and I admire your dedication to your kids and the mother of them!!!!!

geoff said...

Congrats on the race and great time. I saw the results last night showing you with a 16:16 and was wondering why you ran so slow and why you registered as a 28 yr old.

Bill Blancett said...


Thanks. Let me know whenever you feel ready. Maybe we can do some training together.


Thanks a lot. My family is everything to me.

Yes, strange indeed.