Sunday, January 3, 2010

8.73 Mile Recovery Run

Mile 1 7:18
Mile 2 6:54
Mile 3 6:43
Mile 4 6:34
Mile 5 6:39
Mile 6 6:25
Mile 7 6:31
Mile 8 6:31
Mile 9 6:22
Total Average Pace: 6:41


They say there is no rest for the weary and that quote never fit more perfectly than on my run today. Sean texted me and wanted to run at 10am, which is normally ok. Except for the fact that I finished yesterday’s workout at 5:30 pm and ended up going to bed at 1:20 am. I relented and ran with him anyway. Sam joined in with us as well. Any hopes that he would take it easy on me were dashed when we were running at 6:30 pace and he calmly says to me, “I can’t run any slower.” Needless to say, I was a good sport and ended up grinding through it. I will make up for this effort with a nice 8 minute pace 6 miles tomorrow!

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