Saturday, March 27, 2010

SCOPE Run for Colorectal Cancer – 15:59.9 – 1st Overall - 5.71 Miles Total

1 Mile Warm Up

Mile 1 4:55
Mile 2 5:15
Mile 3 5:15
Last .12 4:34 (33 sec)
Total Average Pace 5:08

I arrived a little late once again and this time and I wasn’t able to warm up. I rushed to jog 1 mile in my racing flats, quickly did 4 regular strides, and then 1 long 30 second stride. Quite a few people showed up to support a good cause but this ended up being a time trial for me. From the sound of the gun I bolted out quickly this time and I quickly found out that I didn’t have it for this race. It was probably due to the lack of warm up time but the energy wasn’t there. After about a mile in, I just cruised the rest of the way, identical 5:15 minute miles on 2 and 3. I’m thinking if I warmed up a bit before the race I probably could have dropped 10-15 seconds. But that still is a far cry from 15:30 range. The lack of long run consistency has really played a role in my last few races. Tomorrow long run.

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Sam said...

Nice job. And don't worry about those long runs...they are overrated. ;)

I know you're just being generous and letting those of use trying to chase you down have some semblance of hope. Ha!