Saturday, March 6, 2010

Long Run – 11.68 Miles

Mile 1 8:34
Mile 2 7:49
Mile 3 7:57
Mile 4 7:34
Mile 5 7:36
Mile 6 7:35
Mile 7 7:25
Mile 8 7:21
Mile 9 7:25
Mile 10 7:29
Mile 11 7:29
Mile 12 7:14
Total Average Pace: 7:38

I set out to do 15 miles but my legs started to tighten up and get tired so I cut it short this week with the anticipation that my legs would be improved and stronger next week. My whole goal is to have total recovery and stay away from feeling to fatigued. As I said before I want to be able to go harder on workout days.


Sam said...

Good to see ya out and about at the park on Saturday, and glad to know it was all the shoes... we hope.

If no sooner, see you at Bayou City!

Bill Blancett said...


I'm glad you showed up for the 30/30 and the 800.