Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1.5 Mile 30/30 Fartlek, 800m – 8.62 Miles Total

  • Warm Up
  • 30/30
Mile 15:03
Mile 2 (.51 miles)5:06
Total Average Pace:5:05
  • .5 Mile, 2:14, 4:28 Pace
  • Cool down

Sean, Luis, Sam, and I met at the park. Sean and Luis were going to do 3 miles of 30/30s with the first 2 miles in 10 minutes. Sam’s intentions were to hang as long as he could and my intentions were to try and hang for 2 miles. Sam ended up hanging in there for a mile, I continued for another .5 mile and was unable to shift gears so I shut it down and walked for a quarter mile.

Then I jogged and met up with the guys to finish off with a hard 800 meters. Sean took off, Luis wasn’t feeling it this morning so I went around him and tried to sit behind Sean. Sam tucked in behind me. I was good for 600 meters and then the gorilla jumped on my back and then that’s when Sean started pushing the pace a little bit more. I tested the waters a little and tried to push a bit more but couldn’t go any faster without straining so I cruised into the home stretch.

It was a good little workout. My foot felt slightly strained but this was probably due to the plyometrics yesterday(I’ll hold off a little a while on this). I also didn’t feel 100% either but I am happy to get in some mileage at close to the goal pace I want to be at for 3 miles. Hopefully running at this pace will get easier. I have another workout coming up at the end of the week and I am hoping to get some more practice at this pace.

As far as upcoming races are concerned I am leaning towards skipping the Bayou City Classic 10k. I hate having to do this since this is definitely one of the best races in Houston for the year, but I have put myself in sort of a pickle. My week off and subsequent light training has had me losing some fitness. So now my goal race is the Bellaire Trolley Race. This is definitely one of the 2 fastest 5k courses in Houston and I will put everything I can in to being ready for that race and hopefully PRing for the 3rd straight year. Sean suggested doing the Looking Good 5k as a workout to build towards that and I am leaning towards doing so. It’s a shame, I really wanted to have a shot at winning the HARRA Spring Runner of The Season (I finished second to Luis last year) but missing the first 2 races will not help me any.

On a final note I spent about 30 minutes categorizing some entries on my blog. There were some old speed workouts that I didn’t label under “speed” so now if you click under the label speed those old workouts should now pop up. It’s hard to believe I have done about 480 posts in a year and a half. My how the time sure does fly.


JunieB said...

See you at Bellaire!!!

Are you happy about the warmer weather??? :o)

Bill Blancett said...


Love the weather!