Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bunny Hop For Trees Mile Race

Today I was supposed to do a 15 mile long run. I decided to push that back to tomorrow and do 9 miles with a 1 mile race sandwiched in between. This was the Bunny Hop for Trees 1 mile road race. I won the same race under a different name a year and a half ago when I first started running. The event was called the Turkey Trot for Trees. I ended up winning the race with a course record 5:07.image

There was a write up about it here. Would I be able to break 5:07?

The Bunny Hop for Trees is a very small family-oriented race located off of Memorial and Dairy Ashford, near Terry Hershey park. The organizer, Ginny Ebben is a pleasant lady who has been real gracious to me. She asked if I would be able to do the race and I said of course!

The race is filled with families and guys and gals with racing strollers and such. It was pretty cool. One thing I am hoping for is that some faster local area runners give it a try next year. Hopefully this race will grow in the future.

I don't really get a chance to run 1 mile races so whenever they come up always try and see if I am able to run it. I hadn't run a mile race since this one in 2007. I did a cross-country style 1 mile time trial last summer in the Kenyan Way and ran a 4:57. That's been it. Other than that its been mile repeats for speed work.

Oh yeah, that 5:07 course record went down. I ran a 4:40 this year.


I'll take that. I didn't really prepare for this race as a race and was just using it to giving me a general gauge of what types of things I can do in the mile right now. Anyway it was nice to get a quick one in and I'll spend the following week getting prepared for the Bayou City Classic 10k.

Mile Quarter splits

1st qtr


2nd qtr


3rd qtr


4th qtr




* The reason the splits don't add up perfectly to 4:40 is because the fractional parts of the splits have not been included.


Junie B! said...

um...a 4:40?

its official.

you are AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!! freakin' way to go Bill!!! I was wondering where you were this morning!!!

cant wait to see ya at the BCC 10K next weekend!!!

seriously a true testament to what HONEST hard work will do. SW must be proud!!!

Bill Blancett said...


Thanks for your AWESOME support!



Day Dreamer said...

Nice display of speed bud.

See ya out on the roads!