Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long Run - 2 hours

Today I didn't really have any mileage requirements other than the fact that I would run for 2 hours. Sometimes it is good to just look at the total time ran instead of the number of miles ran. Sometimes you may run faster and not get the full aerobic benefit that you are looking for. And sometimes you may run slower but get the full aerobic benefit you are looking for. So this was the theory behind this run.

Starting out the run my legs felt extremely sluggish as I started out at near 9 minute pace. The second mile was also pretty slow. I was attributing this to issues I had the day before and the extra loop and all that other jazz. But pretty soon things started to loosen up. And at the end of the run I finished at a low 6 minute pace. No extra issues, no hamstring issues, life is good.

2 Hour Long Run

Mile 18:54
Mile 28:07
Mile 37:56
Mile 47:45
Mile 57:21
Mile 67:10
Mile 77:06
Mile 87:05
Mile 96:55
Mile 107:07
Mile 117:01
Mile 126:54
Mile 136:51
Mile 146:41
Mile 156:48
Mile 166:38
Last .57 Mile6:15
Total Average Pace7:14

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