Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Speed work

Wow, has this been a tough week. I really have not been treating my body effectively. Lack of sleep ,rushing my runs, and running too fast doesn't add up to a very effective week. Therefore I'm going to make a better effort starting tonight to get some sleep in. I'm going to need this because the Bayou City Classic is this weekend and I have a feeling a few fast guys will be there.

Today I was supposed to do 4x1200 meters at 5:07 to 5:12 pace with 10 miles of running total. This proved to be difficult today since I arrived at the park late and I had to get to work. So I basically rushed everything including my speed work. I cut down on my warm up, stretching, and strides because I had to hurry. I cut my total mileage for today from 10 miles to only 7.25 miles. Mentally I felt bad about this but I had to do what I had to do.

Even with the rushing and the fatigue I felt, I was still able to hit my workout marks. Here they are:

4x1200 meters with 3 minutes rest

1st Split5:11
2nd Split5:12
3rd Split5:11
4th Split5:10

Something to note. I felt bad about not getting all of my mileage so I was going to try and make it up throughout the week. But Sean wisely told me not to try and make up the mileage. It probably would have affected my race this weekend. Also this isn't the week to start pushing my body.


junebug said...

Gosh and I thought 10x300m with a final of an 800m was going to be bad...

See you Saturday!!! Gonna be a cold one!!

Bill Blancett said...

Hey June!

That's sad to hear. I was hoping for maybe 70 degrees Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Not just cold but cold & wet.:-(
Forecast is 41 w/ likely light rain & 10mph north wind. Let's hope the rain will hold off, at least until the race starts.

Good luck on Saturday.


geoff said...

Good luck this weekend. I'm expecting to see you somewhere under 34:00. Don't run too fast though. It makes Sam and me get depressed when you get too fast :P

Bill Blancett said...


This is the time I wish you were wrong for once in your prediction!


LOL, If I were to slow down for even a split second, you guys would crush me. :)


Day Dreamer said...

Well when you're done crushing us, the plan is for one of us to begin doing the crushing. Ha!

I won't even think of beginning that quest for another... oh I don't now... 38 days... give or take.

As Sean would say, Good luck on Saturday, even though no luck is involved. Only consistent intelligent training and knowing how to pace yourself in a race.

You're gonna rock BCC.