Saturday, April 3, 2010

Earth Day 5k – 16:22 – 8.09 Miles Total

2.75 Mile warm up

Mile 1 5:01
Mile 2 5:19
Mile 3 5:27
Last .1 6:03
Total Average Pace 5:17

2.24 Mile cool down

Definitely below my standards. Something isn’t right with me physically. I went out hard but all I could muster was a 5:01 pace the first mile. In the middle of the 2nd mile I felt it all starting to crumble. I felt bad knee pain, hamstring pain, but tried to hold it together. I figured I would get caught at during mile 3 so I slowed quite a bit so I’d at least have a kick left. I didn’t have to worry because I didn’t need it. No one came after me since they figured I was 15:50 high. This was actually the first time since I could remember that I actually put the brakes on in a race. After this disaster it looks like I can kiss the Bellaire Trolley Race goodbye.

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