Saturday, January 2, 2010

16 Mile Long Run – 10 Mile Tempo In Between

Mile 1 7:37
Mile 2 7:14
Mile 3 7:10
Mile 4 5:59
Mile 5 5:57
Mile 6 5:55
Mile 7 6:00
Mile 8 6:00
Mile 9 5:58
Mile 10 6:06
Mile 11 5:59
Mile 12 5:56
Mile 13 5:55
Mile 14 9:14
Mile 15 9:24
Mile 16 8:50
Total Average Pace: 6:50

10 Mile Tempo (Miles 4-13) – 5:59 Pace

I had a little fun before my tempo today. During my warm up a guy decided to shadow me for the last 3/4 of my last mile. As we came closer to the 3 mile mark he decided to overtake me. So I sped up. Then he sped up. Then I sped up. Then he goes out into full 100 meter sprint mode. So I start picking it up as well. I quickly put a meter on him and then slow down to let him catch up. Then I put another meter on him and look at my watch. I’m .04 into my tempo run!  So I circle back to him and give him a high 5. Time to start my tempo, at least I got my strides out of the way! 

Sean wanted me to do 16 miles but 10 at 6:10 pace. I decided to start out with 6 minute pace and see how it went from there. It went really well. When I started out the run I was just jogging it and could see I was moving at 5:20 pace. Nice start! So I slowed it down to around 5:50 pace and just let the pace go from there. The run ended up being challenging but not difficult. The first 6 miles were a piece of cake but during miles 7-10 I had to bear down and concentrate a little more. Overall, it was a good little workout.

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