Thursday, July 8, 2010

Progressive Run – 8 Miles Total

Jump Rope – 4 x 20 Each Leg

Mile 1 7:12
Mile 2 6:47
Mile 3 6:28
Mile 4 6:18
Mile 5 6:04
Mile 6 5:49
Mile 7 5:26

Cool down for mile 8

Ran with the guys. Felt like crap until we got to mile 7 (5:20s) and then I woke up. I was under the impression that was our last mile, but Luis ran for another mile close to 5 minute pace. I should have tagged along with him. We got rained on. Not a little bit o’ rain but a TORRENTIAL down pouring. I have to admit, it ended up being fun though. I’ve never ran through so much rain.

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