Thursday, May 14, 2009

Progressive Run 9.76 Miles

With this type of run there is no warm up. You just jump right into it. Last week I made it to the last mile and finished up at 5:10 pace for my last mile. This week I was hoping to do a little better. But my legs didn't feel up to par and so I just went with the flow. If you recall this run starts out at 7 minute pace and goes down 15 seconds each mile. Hopefully you if things go according to plan, you are running 5 minute pace at the end. Once again I ran with Sean and Luis. They pretty much left me at mile 8. Sean looked very good and both guys picked it up another level compared to last week. As I didn't have my legs under me, I didn't raise my level.

Mile 16:55
Mile 26:45
Mile 36:30
Mile 46:05
Mile 55:57
Mile 65:47
Mile 75:28
Mile 85:26
Mile 99:11
Mile .767:35
Total Average Pace6:44

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