Wednesday, December 9, 2009

6 Mile Tempo - 10 Miles Total

3 Mile Warm Up

Jump Rope (20 each leg, 1 rep of 20)

10 Second Strides (60 Seconds Rest)

  1. 5:07
  2. 5:38
  3. 5:49
  4. 5:43

45 Second Stride 5:43

6 Mile Tempo @ 5:30 pace

Mile 1 5:24
Mile 2 5:35
Mile 3 5:32
Mile 4 5:23
Mile 5 5:37
Mile 6 5:30
Total Average Pace 5:30 (33:03 Total)

6 Mile Tempo @ 5:20 pace

Ok so yesterday Sean had said if I hit 5:30 pace we would check out the Rockets (Front row tix) vs LeBron and the Cavs tonight. I wouldn't miss this for the world so I was pretty motivated.

I tried to do some jump roping but my feet were still sore from my previous long run. I did some effortless strides and then got the show on the road. During the first mile I got a boost when I overtook a kid who was running at a pretty good clip. He obviously heard me coming up behind him because I noticed that I wasn't gaining on him anymore. So I decided to pick up the pace and overtake him. This I did, but when I did he was high on my tail. He definitely was trying to overtake me again but I had to put an end to that. After a little over half a mile at sub 5 pace he relented and stopped altogether. So I continued on with my time cushion and easily finished mile 1 at 5:24 pace. On mile 2 there was a very strong head wind that probably added about 10 seconds to my split. Mile 3 there was less of a headwind but still noticeable and that probably added about 5 seconds. Mile 4 I reached the same starting point since it was a loop. Miles 5 and 6 were similar to miles 2 and 3. I figure all things being equal, without the headwind, it was about a 5:25 effort. Even though the time was only marginally better than my previous 6 mile tempo, I feel that this one was a lot better. Looks like I will be going out tonight :-)

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