Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Miles Recovery

Mile 1 8:28
Mile 2 7:59
Mile 3 7:53
Mile 4 8:02
Mile 5 8:15
Mile 6 8:20
Mile 7 8:04
Mile 8 6:54
Mile 9 6:58
Total Average Pace: 7:55

Evidently my legs were pretty fatigued from yesterday’s hill session. As I started progressing through my run each mile became slower and more mentally tortuous. When I began mile 8 I told myself to just grind through the last 2 miles. Just then…a Kenyan Way runner who was doing a 2 mile interval as part of his workout went by me. I thought to myself, this is a good chance for me go hop on board the train and get pulled for the last 2 miles. So that’s what I did. The last 2 miles went quickly as he pulled me through at sub 7 pace. Afterwards I went over and thanked him for pulling me along. He told me that he recognized who I was and knew I was a lot faster and expected me to just overtake him at any time. I told him I wasn’t even thinking about doing that and was just glad that he was around when I was struggling. This goes to show you that 2 runners don’t have to be at the same level to be able help each other out.

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Day Dreamer said...

That last sentence is as true a statement as can be made about the "inner circle" of running...not something that can be explained to someone on the outside, but has to be experienced to understand.

Great write up.