Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rockets Vs Cavs

This was a great game. Once again the Rockets won when I attended the game. I have some kind of weird streak where whenever I attend Astros or Rockets games they win. The Rockets started off red hot and pretty much led from wire to wire. The Cavs made a run in the 4th quarter but the Rockets answered and put them away 95-85. We had front row tickets behind the Rockets bench so we were close to the players and the action. At one point Sean said something to Lebron while he was on the free throw line and Lebron turned and looked at Sean and had this expression like "Did he just say that to me?". It was hilarious. Here are some of the highlights from the game.

image image

image image

image image


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Day Dreamer said...

Awesome. Very cool stuff.