Friday, December 18, 2009

Failed Tempo Run ~3.5 Miles

Jump Rope (120 each leg, 6 reps of 20)

2.91 Mile Warmup

15 Second Strides (60 Seconds Rest)

  1. 6:13
  2. 5:44
  3. 6:03
  4. 6:07
  5. 6:11

45 Second Stride 6:33

Attempted 6 mile tempo @ 5:30 pace then bailed.

The plan was to do a 6 mile tempo. All during my warm ups and strides I just felt slow. It also didn't help that it was very cold once again. Mentally I'm so burned out on the cold weather. Even with all of these signs making themselves evident, I still proceeded to attempt the tempo run. I knew that I probably was not going to be able to do 5:30 pace today but I was ready to do 6 minute pace. Too bad that never happened. I was a quarter mile into the run and then bailed. I didn't even feel up to just slow jogging another 6 miles. I just packed up and left. Tomorrow I have to do 18 miles. I'll probably try to mix in some hard miles tomorrow.

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