Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hills @ Cloverleaf ~9 Miles Total

Jump Rope (140 each leg, 7 reps of 20)

Warm Up

4 Mile Hill Workout (4 hills)

  1. 4:42
  2. 4:45
  3. 4:28
  4. 4:31
  1. 4:38
  2. 4:26
  3. 4:40
  4. 4:40
  1. 4:32
  2. 4:35
  3. 4:40
  4. 4:34
  1. 4:37
  2. 4:55
  3. 4:50
  4. 3:55*

Total Average Pace: 4:36

Cool Down

Sean, Luis, Vaughn Gibbs, Joe Flores, and Terry Garrett took part in this morning’s workout. Terry Garrett is a fast masters runner who has been taking a break from running and is trying to get back into it. He’s a sub 16 minute 5k guy when fit. I did a little write up a while ago about fast masters runners and he was in it. Well anyway, we did the workout and I think I did ok today. I didn’t have any horrible splits and I even blazed a sub 4 minute pace split on the last rep. Sean told me to hang back and just follow him for the workout(so I could get more consistent splits). For the most part that’s what I did until the last rep. Oh yeah, Joe called me out for sandbagging again :-P

Come on Joe, I think my splits were pretty consistent!


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you and share some suffering this morning Bill!...would have tried to run a little closer to you but Joe kept saying we were really out front after you figured the age-grade on the hills....;0)...Look foward to chasing you guys from afar again next week!

Anonymous said...

1 minute spread b/w slowest and fastest.

point joe.

Im trying to get wade to make you a shirt with a new goal.

Clover Leaf (front)
EVEN Split (back)

Or we could get all the guys to pitch in ten bux to have it tattooed across your knuckles- you know each letter on a seperate finger ozzy style.

Now if you hit them ALL in 3:55-4:15 (ahem- EVEN pace), then we'll buy you a well earned speed cape.

That would be nice because they are cheap at party city and flap around nicely when you're cruising at sub 4 pace, uphill.

Forget the rest, all I want for christmas is a well earned speed cape.

happy holidays and keep up the good work, luis

Bill Blancett said...


It was a pleasure meeting you Terry. Keep coming out. You guys probably were out in front if you only age grade the performance. Now if you injury grade the performance... ;-)


Yeah you are probably right if you look at it like that. But if I ever start throwing down 3:55-4:15 splits then YOU KNOW I'm going to have to thrown down a 3:30 on the last one. :-) It's just too bad that I'll never get that cape. :-(


Anonymous said...

3:30 gets you a speed suit and a change of events. Then I'd look silly with my speed cape.