Monday, December 28, 2009

Hills - Around 7 Miles Total

I don't really have any data. My watch was acting pretty flaky. The legs were pretty trashed from the 24 miler and I believe I aggravated the shin area so I didn't do the cool down. Part of my run on the hills ended up being a cool down. I started out around 5:30 pace up the hills. Gradually my shin started hurting more and more and by the 12th hill I was running around 7 minute pace. Sean felt some strain as well so we stopped at 12 hills. I'm definitely going to take tomorrow off.


runperryrun said...

Good choice take the day off. Nothing worse than prolonging an injury. I have found injuries heal a lot faster if you use cold water and ice and sink the injured area in the cold water for 15 minutes after the workout do keep inflammation down and a couple times during the day if you can.....good luck and keep rocking the roads!

Bill Blancett said...


Good advice that I usually take to heart.