Saturday, December 19, 2009

18 Miles - Long Run

Mile 1 7:31
Mile 2 7:04
Mile 3 6:45
Mile 4 6:42
Mile 5 6:36
Mile 6 6:16 (started workout in the middle of this mile)
Mile 7 6:03
Mile 8 6:00
Mile 9 5:57
Mile 10 5:59
Mile 11 6:01
Mile 12 5:58
Mile 13 5:59
Mile 14 6:11
Mile 15 7:13 (ended workout in the middle of this mile)
Mile 16 8:08
Mile 17 7:56
Mile 18 8:15
Total Average Pace: 6:42

I broke this run up kind of the same way I broke down last week's long run. I started out with a 6 mile warm up and then would attempt to run the next 9 miles at around 6 minute pace. And then end with a 3 mile cool down. I was going to do 9 miles at 6:20 pace again but I started out the run with Sean and he suggested I run the workout at 6 minute pace. So that is what I did. He ran the first 3 miles of the workout with me and then completed his run and bailed. The 6 minute pace miles felt so unbelievably easy. So easy in fact, that I started the workout feeling like I was going at 6:30 pace when in fact I was jogging at 5:30 pace. I had to slow down pretty hard to get it back up to 6 minute pace. The 6 minute pace felt like a complete jog until the last mile and a half, I started tightening up a bit and slowed to 6:10 pace (I believe I was slightly dehydrated as I had a little salt on my face). This is a good sign.


Day Dreamer said...

Awesome man. We're not far away from race day man.

Looking forward to it.

Bill Blancett said...

Can't wait...

to get it over with :-P