Sunday, December 6, 2009

~22 Miles Long Run

Watch kept shutting off. So I can only approximate that I ran at about 7:08 pace. I ran a few miles at sub 7 pace but nothing to write home about. We ran mostly on concrete which happened to be pretty painful on my feet. I might have to do these on the trail in the future.


:o) said...

thought i saw you from a distance prior to 6am start. guess i was right.

hope you feel better.

Day Dreamer said...

Hey man. Hope the feet come around quickly. Out of sheer necessity, did all 23 of my miles @ Memorial, so that was much easier on the legs and body, but definitely wore mentally.

I'm planning on 20 Saturday, if you're down with that, although that would make 3 weekends in a row of 20+ mile runs. Just lettin' ya know!

Bill Blancett said...


Yep it was yours truly :-)


Just read your comment. One of these days we have to exchange numbers so we can hook up on a few runs.