Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easy 9 Miles

Well after skipping 2 days of running because of the major amounts of rain, I finally got some running in. The last few miles were done with a friend, so that explains the big pace difference at the end.

Mile 1 7:37
Mile 2 7:10
Mile 3 7:08
Mile 4 7:07
Mile 5 7:14
Mile 6 6:59
Mile 7 7:06
Mile 8 8:00
Mile 9 8:44
Total Average Pace 7:27

A day after the torrential downpour the park was pretty much back to normal.


At Memorial Park there are probably a million running groups. Sometimes the different groups will run into each other and flash their gang signs.


There were only small remnants of the previous days' rain.


All in all another pleasant day at the park.

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