Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 miles easy

MemorialTrail Today I set out to do 3 miles easy but I ran into Sean. He joined me and asked me how many I was doing. I told him 3 miles. He said what for? I told him I was saving myself for hills on Monday. He basically said if I couldn't do 9 easy today then I wasn't ready to do hills tomorrow. So I basically ran with him we ended up doing about 6 together around 6:4x pace. I'm not really sure what pace we exactly were going because my Garmin died mid run. But it basically said we were doing 6:30's for at least 3 miles. Sean did his mileage and I ended up finishing up with a total of 7 miles. I felt ok doing the run but I'll decide tomorrow whether or not I'll run hills.



junebug said...

bill email me at

i need your email address so i can forward you something that i got from Boston this morning.

Gerardo said...

Take it easy Bill. A healthy Bill at 96% is 1000% better than an injured Bill. Your team is counting on you to be healthy for Corpus.

Bill Blancett said...


I will be fit and ready to race on race day.