Monday, April 20, 2009

9 miles with Hill Work

I decided to do the hill work. My body felt good, no ill effects. I started out with a 4 mile jog which ended up being around 7:10 pace. From there I ran the hill course that Sean laid out for us. I ran the course with medium effort but still was able to get a decent workout. I ended up running about 3 miles on the course.I did another 2 miles of flatland running. My overall pace was 7:30 for all 9 miles including the hill work.

I'd like to congratulate the finishers of the Boston marathon. Especially a couple of Kenyan Wayers, Geoff and Sam. They worked their butt off today and worked even harder during training. We also had 2 very good finishes by Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher, 2, 3rd place finishes.

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