Saturday, February 28, 2009

9 Miles - Long run - Peter Snell Documentary

This week has been a recovery week for me so my mileage has been down compared to previous weeks. This week I'll finish in the low 50's for mileage and in previous weeks I have been running in the low 60's for mileage. This explains running only 9 miles for my long run, and I welcome it. I've put my miles in consistently for a while now so when I get the opportunity for a short run, I relish in it. Currently I run 7 days a week but Sean has given me the liberty to take a day off when I need it. So far I have not needed it. It's been a long time since I took a day off, I can't even remember when. It's not like the miles have been tortuous either because most of my time is spent running at relaxed easy paces. Also mileage has been a piece of cake since the marathon training. So I'll keep my fingers crossed because this week will be challenging as I go back up in mileage and do a challenging speed workout mid week.

It was cooler than previous days. It ended up being in the 50's with a lot of strong winds. Even with that, I ended mile 1 at 7:10 pace. This gave me a chance to apply Bill's Law - If the first mile is 7:30 or lower then the training run will be a fast one. This law ended up being true once again. Here are the splits:

Mile #Pace
Average Pace6:50

During mile 6 Sam joined me on my run. He was in the middle of a 22 mile long run. We chatted it up, talking about his upcoming Boston race and his training. He is in the middle of 70 something mile weeks and is doing it the right way. I'll be pulling for him to have a successful race .

A couple of weeks ago coach Sean sent me a documentary link about Peter Snell and his training on his way to be an Olympic champion. He was coached by Arthur Lydiard and some of the training sequences reminded me of some of the training we do at the Kenyan Way. I think it may be inspiring to you running junkies out there. Check it out



JBug said...

how did i miss seeing you!!??

see you at hills and/or speed...or somewhere I am sure.

Bill Blancett said...


I decided to do 3 loops around Memorial for my long run. It also didn't help that I woke up late.