Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long run

Today I really procrastinated. I was supposed to do a 2 hour run. I debated in my mind whether to do it at the local dirt track, that would be torture, or do it at Memorial Park. I was sort of leaning toward doing it close to home but then I changed my mind. I was planning to start around 9am but that was squashed(Just too lazy today). I ended up starting my run at close to 1pm at Memorial. Luckily I ran into Sean so I accompanied him on his 6 mile easy run. We had an interesting conversation and he gave me some really good tips. He also told me to cut my 2 hour run to a 1:45 hour run because I had raced yesterday. This is why I think coaches are so valuable to serious runners because many times the coaches are the ones to reel the runners in and keep them from hurting themselves. If left to my own devices I probably would be pushing myself too hard. During our run Brad jumped in. He had just come from running a 2:49 in the Chevron Houston Marathon. After Sean dropped off, I hung around with Brad for a few more loops. I learned a little more about him and his interesting background. He came from a BMX background and was a serious biker in high school. Later, after he quit competing competitively he picked up running and it grew on him. He's not built like your prototypical runner. He's built more like a running back, very muscular and boxy. Well anyway, we talked and eventually he finished his run. So I was by myself again but I was almost finished with my run. I received two surprise drive by cheers by my family during my run. They drove by and started cheering my name. Almost like my marathon :) Well anyway I ended up traveling 14.32 miles at 7:20 pace. A nice little run. I'm glad I decided to run at Memorial today.

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