Thursday, February 12, 2009

Speed Work

Unfortunately I may have to be extremely brief in the near future because of the way my schedule is looking. But I will definitely make an attempt to stay current because I enjoy talking about running and reading everyone's comments. With that said let's get to the meat of the bone.

The plan was to do 8 miles total with a 2 x 2 mile workout with 4 minutes rest in between. The goal was to run both reps between 10:28 and 10:36. I did the first 2 warm up miles very slow, probably way too slow, which probably affected my workout. I'm pretty embarrassed to say how slow I did the warm up. After the warm up I moved on to the workout. The first rep I started breathing hard almost immediately (about a .25 into the run). I knew this was a bad sign. I toughed the first rep out and hit the upper limit ,10:36. I pretty much gave an all out effort on this first rep so I knew the second one wasn't going to be good. During the second rep I started out fast and I was running below the 5:14 pace pretty easily but I knew that I would be toast if I kept the pace up. So I backed off and slowed down to 5:20. This felt so easy and I actually thought I had a chance to hit my goal. But I fell apart at the end and I ended up running a 10:48. This is actually the first time in a long time that I did not hit my goal during speed work. What does this mean? Hmmm, I prefer not to care right now because I know if I put in the work and stay injury free, the performances will come. Sometimes your body just doesn't have it. And today was one of those days.


Day Dreamer said...

Nice workout Bill. You're what I like to call a game-time performer. Missing goal times or not in a workout, your work ethic is always there, and it will continue to show up on race-days.

Keep it up, bud!

Bill Blancett said...


Thanks a lot. My workouts used to get me thinking sometimes, but now I just file the results away if they aren't too good. If I actually accomplish them then thats an added bonus. I had been having luck recently but I don't think the past workouts reflected my recent fitness gains. I think Sean's workout times have been adjusted for this so I will again have to work extra hard on my workouts.


Steeeve said...

Bill, if you hit 100% of your workout targets you're not setting the bar high enough. Terrific workout, nothing more to be said.