Friday, January 23, 2009

More recovery

Things are feeling and looking better for me over the past 2 days. Thursday during lunch I went for a 30 minute foot shuffle, slog, at Memorial. This helped me out a bunch because afterward my legs felt better. I have also been taking ice baths which is extremely uncomfortable, but boy does it help! I did some self massaging on my quads, which is where the soreness has been, and this has helped as well. This morning I ran 7 miles. Yesterday and the day before, I didn't think this would be an option. This morning I felt much different about the possibility. I woke up and the soreness had almost disappeared. I saw Sean Wade and Luis Armenteros out there a little earlier than usual, I almost didn't recognize them. After 1 loop around the park I met up with Andrew who had a 2:55 PR at the marathon. He still felt a little sore but started to feel better as we finished my second loop. After knocking out this run, I believe I should be back to normal very soon. As long as I don't try to do anything stupid like run 5:xx over the next few days I should be fine in no time.

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