Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 miles easy and...


Two more days till the marathon. I'm so guilty(not really) that my legs don't have any soreness and feel so fresh. I was told a couple of times that it is usually hard during the final week before the marathon because you get restless and want to get it over with. That's not the case for me. I am enjoying the tapering and I am so happy to be able to run and finish before I get too cold. I also enjoy the lack of soreness that comes with tapering.

On the training front, I did 3 miles today which amounts to 1 loop around Memorial Park. It was in the 30's again today, but like yesterday I was prepared and I bundled up appropriately. I did some jump roping, 1 set of 55 reps on each leg, then started my run. I forgot to start my watch after my stretching on mile 2(I usually stretch after mile 1) so I can only guess my pace during the run. It probably was 7:10-7:20ish pace. My body was definitely ready to go faster but I had to tell it "Whoa, easy there buddy, save it for Sunday".

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