Friday, September 17, 2010

8x800 Workout - 10 Miles Total

  • Warm Up
  • 8 x 800m with 1 minute rest - Goal 2:30 (road)
    • 2:31, 2:32, 2:29, 2:29, 2:30, 2:29, 2:30, 2:24
  • Cool Down

I did this workout with Sean and JP this morning. Sean ended up being the pacer since he is part running cyborg(He runs his splits like a Swiss clock). Sean kept telling me that we may do this 800 workout Friday. But it didn't seem like he was ever fully committed. So finally I told him, "Let's do it!" and  he said, "Your on, and only 1 minute recovery". You see the funny thing is that originally we were going to to do the workout with 2 minutes recovery. Which didn't intimidate me at all. But when he puts in the "Sean Special" (a fast workout with very little recovery) then things start to get interesting. I have to admit that I thought I had bit off a little more than I could chew but I had been running so well for the last 2 months that I wasn't going to back down. Plus I never turn down good speed work these days!

So we ended up doing the workout and I felt uncomfortable at all times. But at no point did I feel like the workout was killing me. My issues were more mental than physical, although I did have some back issues that affected my breathing a bit. Once I got to the last rep I knew I was home free and let loose a little bit.

To give the workout a bit more perspective you would have to look at the previous time I did this workout at the beginning of February. About a week after my 5k PR. I ended up doing the exact same workout but with 2 minutes recovery instead of 1 and I still ended up running about 5 or 6 seconds slower per 800. And from what I remember, the effort level was higher for that workout than the one I did today. I ended up messing up my hamstrings after that workout and I wasn't the same up until 2 months ago. So I definitely am a lot fitter and faster than when I ran my 5k PR. Now all I have to is run a race that will let me PR!!!


Anonymous said...

Great workout man. Lets find that race and get to it-Devin

Bill Blancett said...

Thanks Dev! Mission Numero Uno for October is to get that done!