Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8.71 Miles Easy

  • 7:37 pace
  • Gym - Legs

One word. Tired.

The legs had no strength in them, but I got the miles in. I was totally listless at the gym this morning. My body is trying to tell me something here. I'm going to back off a few days earlier than the original plan and just get ready for some intense racing in October. If everything goes well, I should be racing every week in October. The only additional gains/improvements will be had by racing and sharpening up. Here's to racing fast! Cheers!


JunieB said...

good luck in October!!!

Bill Blancett said...

Thanks June, Let's keep the fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Lets do it man I"m ready..whats the first one for October going to be?-Devin

Bill Blancett said...


First up, Komen Race For The Cure.