Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2.68 Miles Easy

Today was supposed to be a tempo workout. I ended up having to abandon the workout. As a matter of fact I decided to abandon the workout and just do 6 miles easy. I couldn’t even do that. I had to walk back to the 0 mile marker . I broke out into a cold sweat and was in bed the whole day. You wouldn’t want what I have. I wouldn’t wish this on my fastest competitor. The limbs were weak, my head felt like there were little anvils banging around in there, no appetite, and my throat felt like I had a small cat clawing it up from the inside. It hurt just to think. I’ll probably just take tomorrow off completely and hopefully I’ll be in much better shape by Thursday.


Sam said...

I feel ya buddy. Went home from work sick Tuesday, and just today feeling close to ready to get back on the road. Will likely wait till the morning, though.

Hope you're better soon man.

And btw, you have a much more descriptive way of putting it than I did. :P

Bill Blancett said...


Sounds like you have what I have. I feel for you. Ya, I was pretty descriptive. It's because I'm never sick. So when I do get sick it's a pretty vivid experience. Get better man.