Wednesday, September 15, 2010

8.68 Miles Easy And Some Misc Stuff

  • 7:02 Pace with the last mile around 6:07 pace.
  • Gym - Legs

Met up and saw quite a few important people on my non-descript run this morning. I happened to see Connie who is the best local massage therapist in Houston. She used to be on Carl Lewis' support team when he was traveling around the world winning events for years and years. She is somewhat of a local legend around certain circles of the running community. She is the one that takes Sean Wade apart and puts him together again and she has done the same with me. If she takes you on as a client, she'll tell you all kinds of stories about Carl, Sean, and other local running legends. And if you need tips she is more than happy to play that motherly role of nurturer. I always find my sessions with her interesting and eventful. Anyway I digressed. I saw her and asked her about my back which has been absolutely killing me recently. She basically told me to leave it alone and if I had any issues to let her know. I met another local massage therapist, Duval, who advised me to ice it in the evening and heat it in the morning before I run. Basically it is my left trap muscle that is the problem and I've just been grinding through the pain. I will take both advice to heart and see what happens. I also bumped in to my buddy Sam of "HoustonTexasRoadRacer" fame and got some updates on his progress with his Achilles injuries. Hopefully that guy heals up quickly because he was on his way to setting many PRs before the injury bug beset him. After that I hooked up with Sean and continued on with my loops of the park before he completed his mileage and bumped off. Then I decided to ramp up the pace for the last mile and that ended up being around 6 minute pace. The funny thing is that I did the progressive run yesterday but I felt no effects of it today. The 6 minute pace was nice and easy with very little effort expended. One of the major differences between the new me and the old me is that I usually do not feel the effects of the previous day's workout in my legs. I mean if you asked me to run sub 5 minute pace today, I would have felt it for sure. But running 5:45 pace or slower is nothing for me after workouts these days. This is a very good sign because it means I'm recovering well after my workouts and gives me an opportunity to be ready and willing for the next workout! You do this enough times and you will get faster no doubt.

Well I was a bit chatty tonight for whatever reason. Don't expect this to be a regular occurrence!

I'm out,



JunieB said...

i loooooooooooove chatty bill!
but your post had me going apesh*t because its one looooooooooong paragraph. :) what can i my previous life I was an English major :o) which is hilarious right now because i am not capitalizing my i's or the beginning of my sentences...whatevz, im tired :)

as much as i love connie i will never go to her. you killed that long ago when you first went to her and told me how bad it hurt. and i have heard the same from others. me no likey pain :o)

way to go speedy! hope the back feels betta!

Bill Blancett said...


Sorry June. It's been so long since I've been chatty that I forgot how to structure paragraphs! :-)

It all makes sense now why your blog posts and everything you write down are so well put together. I should have known you were an English major!