Wednesday, November 11, 2009

image In case you have not heard. A new web site popped up over the last few weeks. This web site is focused on ranking the runners in the Houston area at various distances. Currently it has rankings at 5k, 8k, 5mile, 10k, 10mile, half-marathon, 25k, 30k, marathon distances. The user interface is very simple and intuitive. Click on the rankings button and it will pull up a list of the top 5k runners in the Houston area. Clicking on the hyperlinks at the top will switch the rankings to different distances.


Each runner listed is actually a hyperlink that takes you to another page that lists all of the races the runner has run during the current year.


The site also lists the results of most of the chip timed races in the area and also a few hand timed as well. If you are looking for upcoming races to race in, "ranktherunner" has that as well. Already the site has over 70,000 race results and growing.

Now who would actually take the time and effort to put this out there? It has to be another runner right? Yes, Indeed. If you guessed Sean Wade then you are correct. He's actually thought about this for quite a while and brought the idea to fruition recently. Take some time to check it out. Go ahead look yourself up :-)


Anonymous said...

hey is it hard out there bein' a pimp? ha, just joking! :o) you know all i got is love for Coach AND you!!

toodle loo!

Pony and Petey said...

I'm actually on there!! That's way cool...thanks to Sean = )

Bill Blancett said...


I'm a great pimp aren't I. Now if I could only figure out how to run with a limp :-/


Yes you are. Yes You are.


Anonymous said...

:) You weren't doin' no limpin' on Saturday.

Saw you as I was crossing over the bridge there by the bike path. Little stoppy stop at the Donut shop for their facilities...only a runner to run into a donut shop to go potty... hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.