Friday, November 13, 2009

3x2 Mile Workout – 10 Miles Total

3 Mile Warm Up

5 Strides

3x2 Mile (Goal 5:25-5:30 Pace)

  • 10:59 (5:29)
  • 2 Minutes Rest
  • 11:00 (5:30)
  • 2 Minutest Rest
  • 10:58 (5:29)

1 Mile Cool Down

I had very little sleep last night, hardly any food, and my morning was a very busy one. When I finally was able to come out and run I really didn’t feel up to it. I debated whether to just skip the workout and just do a 9 mile easy run. But to me that seemed even more unappealing than the workout. So I decided to do the workout even though I wasn’t feeling up to it. Before I started my run I made sure I put my Garmin on a certain display setting, since I had issues with the one I used last week(Didn’t trust it). When I started this week, there was no uncertainty about what I was running. Immediately I jumped into 5 minute pace, slowed to 5:15 and eventually finished the repeats at 5:30 pace. I’m convinced that there was no way that I was running faster today than I did last week but yet there was a 6 second difference in pace. It just goes to show you that the Garmin isn’t the end all be all.

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