Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2x3 Mile Tempo Run - 10 Miles Total

3 Mile Warm Up

Jump Rope (60 each leg, 3 reps of 20)

15 Second Strides (60 seconds rest)

  1. 5:08
  2. 5:03
  3. 4:48
  4. 4:46

2x3 Mile Tempo (Goal 5:40 Pace)

  • 1st 3 Miles 5:44
  • 2nd 3 Miles 5:55

1 Mile Cool Down

Another sub par performance. I decided to do this workout at this last minute. Sean texted the workout the night before. I told myself that I may give this a go on Thursday. But lo and behold I woke up this morning and decided why don't I go ahead and get this out of the way today. When I got to the park it was so unbearably humid that Sean advised me not to do it today. I told him that my mind was set on it. So he suggested that I do it at 5:40 pace instead of 5:30 pace. I agreed. I really didn't think that this run would be too much of a problem even in the heat and humidity. I guess I was wrong.

I'm going through a period where I'm running significantly slower than I have earlier in the year. It's been a while since I've had a good workout or a good race. Mentally, I'm in maintenance mode, just making sure I keep my fitness. Like I said before, mentally I've got a lot of stuff going on, but it sure would be nice to pop a good one. At least this run was better than this one, which I was probably in better shape than I am now.


Junie B said...

I was SO thrilled to find out that I didnt have to do my speed workout yesterday (given my performance at the 10 miler on Saturday :O) ... I still had to get 6 miles in (did 7)...and man was it just awful out there...somehow i managed to not only do quite well, but even managed a negative split.

i have to tell you i am OVER this freakin weather more more day...

so are you doing the Pumpkin Run 5K or are you out of racing right now no matter the distance? I am doing one that day, just not that one.

Bill Blancett said...


Good for you. It always feels great when we are making significant progress. Awesome.

The weather is truly indeed old and it makes a tough run tougher. Can't wait for some consistent cool weather.

The upcoming 5k races are in the back of my mind. We'll see.