Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progressive Run – 10.56 Miles Total

Jump Rope (140 each leg, 7 reps of 20)

Mile 1 6:55
Mile 2 6:40
Mile 3 6:29
Mile 4 6:13
Mile 5 6:07
Mile 6 5:44
Mile 7 5:28
Mile 8 5:14
Mile 9 5:08
Total Average Pace: 6:00

Cool Down 1.56 Miles

This was a well run progressive run. The best one I’ve done so far. At the halfway point of mile 9 I was still hanging with Sean and Luis at 4:50 pace until I started rigging up and faded away. Sean eventually pulled away from Luis and Luis pulled away from me. Sam Rodriguez was in the mix as well. He ran well and hung on till the midway point of mile 8.

HARRA has a nice blog with news and stories about Houston Running. Let’s hope this stays up. There have been a lot blogs that start up about Houston Running but then go MIA for a year or two or completely disappear. If you look back the Harra News Blog has an interesting story on Rudy Rocha. I always thought it would be interesting if someone did pieces on the prominent runners in the Houston area.


June said...

thanks for posting about the HARRA blog. i stumbled upon it myself recently.

and unfortunately i can relate a bit to Rudy's situation as it pertains to possibly training a body that might be ready to run but has a mind that is not mentally fit to go match it at a particular time, and for whatever reason.

depression is a horrible thing. i should know.

all it breeds in a runner is that we punish ourselves into oblivion hoping that the pain from the beating we may be giving ourselves through training overshadows the beating others have bestowed upon us, whether that be physically or emotionally.

Day Dreamer said...

Great workout this morning. Yall rocked it man, and I was just glad to have been around for the ride. I anticipated an empty tank during mile 8, but in talking to Sean after, I agree that if I'd not shot out there starting a quarter mile in, I'd have been able to make that last quarter to that 5:10-5:15 mile. There's no way I'd have made it beyond that though. Yall were cruisin'. Great stuff. Keep it up bud!