Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8.72 Miles Easy

Mile 1 8:39
Mile 2 7:39
Mile 3 7:27
Mile 4 6:38
Mile 5 7:19
Mile 6 7:25
Mile 7 7:14
Mile 8 7:20
Mile 9 7:08
Total Average Pace: 7:26

I’m supposed to do a 30/30 fartlek tomorrow with Sean so I took it easy except for mile 4. I also ran last night, had 4.5 hours sleep, then woke up for this run. So I had short rest. Physically I was struggling a little until an older guy came along moving at around 6:5x pace. I thought to myself maybe I could tag behind this guy and get this run over quicker. The funny thing is he decided to increase his pace all the way down to 6:15 pace. I said what the heck, better than grinding along at 7:30 pace. So that’s what I did until he wore himself out and then it was back to 7:30 pace. I’m thinking he probably didn’t appreciate me tagging along behind him. Oh well, he got my legs warmed up and the run became less of a struggle after the boost.

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