Sunday, October 11, 2009

16 Mile Long Run and Racing News

Mile 1 7:21
Mile 2 7:03
Mile 3 6:52
Mile 4 6:46
Mile 5 6:48
Mile 6 6:54
Mile 7 6:51
Mile 8 6:54
Mile 9 6:50
Mile 10 9:19*
Mile 11 7:10
Mile 12 7:08
Mile 13 7:05
Mile 14 7:18
Mile 15 7:27
Mile 16 7:29
Total Average Pace: 7:13

*Ran with a friend

After running with a fellow Kenyan Wayer I unintentionally was a little cooled off. I Started to tighten up at mile 14. Need to do a few more of these long runs.

There was a big race today, the USA 10 miler down at UofH Clear Lake. I was scheduled to be at this race but backed out. But that didn't mean that there weren't some good performances. Last year's winner from Kenya decided not to come this year, but another Kenyan the former Texas A&M Corpus Christi national champion Shadrack Songok decided to come up for the race. He won with a stellar time of 50:13. I got a chance to get some tips from Shadrack at the Beach To Bay marathon relay this year, and even got a few pictures with him. On the women's side, a friend of mine, and 2009 participant of the World Championships, Mary Davies won the 10 miler with a time of 58:07 which was a 6 minute improvement from the year before.

The big story of the race was the showdown between the 2 local heavy weights Sean Wade and Sesar Figueroa. Sesar has been dominating every race below the 10 mile distance in the local area for a few years now. Sean has come back from injury this year to run better than he has run in many years. Although Sesar is always a favorite at the shorter distances, Sean is still very strong as the distances start to get longer. So it was interesting to see how these 2 would match up at the 10 mile distance. Well Sean squeezed out a victory over Sesar. Both ran good times at 50:39(2 minute improvement from the year before) and 50:56 respectively. Results can be found here. Congratulations to all of the runners this weekend as I know there were quite a few races this weekend!


Day Dreamer said...

Good report on the run and the race. To say the least, Sean is stronger than I've ever seen him. Awesome stuff. I'll join you for a long run if you need a partner out there some weekend. Let me know, bud!

Anonymous said...

There were quite a few showdowns out there and some excellent times posted by the better runners in Houston and surrounding areas. The best just keep getting better it seems.

And then there are others that don't.

Bill Blancett said...


Sean is definitely to be reckoned with. He went through, 10k at the 10 miler at 31:15.

Will need your services on future long runs. My solo effort on my last run was brutal.


There were plenty showdowns and good performances, agreed. There were even some guys I didn't recognize that I'll be looking out for in the future.


Anonymous said...

NSN is a switch hitter.