Friday, October 23, 2009

5.82 Miles Easy - Dad Used To Be Able To Run A Bit

Jump Rope (160 each leg, 8 reps of 20)
Mile 1 8:00
Mile 2 7:17
Mile 3 7:12
Mile 4 7:04
Mile 5 7:02
Mile 6 7:02
Total Average Pace: 7:17

Found this the other day.


Dad still is top 5 in the Oklahoma marathon record books. He actually broke the state record when he ran it. It was then broken 3 years later. His personal best ended up being 2:23 in the marathon. If I could only best 1 of his PRs I would be a very happy man. Dad never talks about any of his running accomplishments. The Olympic trials, college competitions, races, etc. You'll only hear stories from other family members. Currently I'm trying to piece his running history together. It's sort of like pulling teeth but maybe one of these days I'll have a clearer picture of what type of runner he was. But for now all I know is that he could run a bit.