Monday, May 31, 2010

12.64 Miles Easy

AM - 9.67 Miles

Mile 1 6:56
Mile 2 6:36
Mile 3 6:27
Mile 4 6:20
Mile 5 6:21
Mile 6 6:25
Mile 7 6:38
Mile 8 6:42
Mile 9 6:41
Mile 10 6:52
Total Average Pace: 6:36

PM - 2.97 Miles

Mile 1


Mile 2


Mile 3


Total Average Pace:


Once again I felt really great on my morning run but a couple of things made this day very challenging. I started late in the morning again, 9:30. Then we went out to eat and then had a picnic outside for a couple of hours with the family. Then at 4 I ran again, still pretty hot out. Luckily I ran into Mahta and I joined him a little bit on his long run. Then I had to rush home get changed and then go to the movies with my friend to see Robin Hood. I'm ending up going to bed sometime around 11pm. I stayed outside WAY too long and I didn't get enough rest. I may have compromised tomorrow's run. We'll see.

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