Thursday, May 13, 2010

Easy Run 9.67 Miles

7:11 pace

Tough run. I had to wake up a little earlier than normal and the first thing I noticed was the extra humidity. It's definitely tougher to run earlier in the morning for sure. Ran into Sam, he was about to start his 7 mile tempo run.

Earlier yesterday, I went back and tallied up my weekly mileage totals for the year and then calculated the average mileage per week. I came up with 47 miles per week. Are you kidding me? I thought I was doing closer to 58 miles a week. It goes to show you that sometimes you can trick yourself into thinking you're working harder than you are. I told Sean and he said that was weak. I totally agree. I'm going to start posting my weekly totals so I can keep myself accountable. I'll post it a little later.

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JunieB said...

that sean. he can be so brutally honest sometimes.

le sigh.