Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long Run 11.6 Miles

Mile 1 7:20
Mile 2 7:00
Mile 3 6:36
Mile 4 6:26
Mile 5 6:17
Mile 6 6:27
Mile 7 6:36
Mile 8 6:53
Mile 9 7:27
Mile 10 7:23
Mile 11 7:29
Mile 12 7:18
Total Average Pace: 6:56

As you can probably tell by the table above this run was all over the place. When I started the run I really didn’t feel all that different or any better than usual. By the 3rd mile I noticed that my pace had picked up considerably. I kind of dreaded this doing this run since I had such a late start for it. It was 9 am by the time I started and I had plans of doing a 15 miler. By the end of the 3rd mile it was hotter and definitely more humid than expected but I didn’t want to force myself to run at a much slower contrived pace because of the conditions. I decided to go with the flow. That flow had me running pretty quickly. Somewhere along the way Mahta jumped in as well. The amazing thing to me is that the 6:17 actually felt like 7 minute pace, even in the adverse conditions! Then eventually the reality of the situation came to the forefront. By the end of my 3rd loop I was badly dehydrated and a little light headed from the heat. I had to go and hydrate(I don’t usually hydrate during my runs). By the time my 4th loop came around I was done and there would be no 5th loop today. Like Sean always says, I needed to save a little something for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good run considering the conditions..and the fact that your running a lot lol... I tried to duplicate 4 loops on Sunday when I saw you..but the weather was a much better when I ran .and I am averaging more to the likes of 45 miles a week lol...avg about 6:30 for 11.6

Anonymous said...

oh yeah by the way its good run man