Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9.68 Miles Easy

6:55 Pace

I felt pretty good to start off the run. I was running around 6:4xs early and then Devin joined me for 3 miles and ran a few 6:30’s and a 6:28. I broke off after that and ran quite a bit slower, low 7 minute pace. It was just too humid and I’ve been putting in too many miles to mess around too long. It is about that time to get some new shoes. The current ones I have are done and my left foot is getting to the point where there may be a problem if I don’t get some new kicks soon.

My friends were teasing me about my race with a girl yesterday. One of them was quite clever and suggested maybe she wasn’t racing me but maybe running away from me! Ha, pretty clever. But what they didn’t think about was the fact that maybe I was running away from her! Ha Ha. Hmmm, I guess that doesn’t sound too convincing. I don’t know too many guys that run away from girls.

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