Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recovery Run 8.7 Miles Easy

Mile 1 7:36
Mile 2 7:17
Mile 3 7:03
Mile 4 6:44
Mile 5 6:46
Mile 6 6:40
Mile 7 6:33
Mile 8 6:39
Mile 9 6:31
Total Average Pace 6:53

Started off slow which was to be expected(after yesterday’s fast long run) but then all of a sudden around mile 4 it felt like I had jet fuel in my legs. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. That should be the true gauge.


JunieB said...

seriously, i come to work and see FORTY TWO new entries for your blog???? LMAO!

i really laughed out loud at some of them...

welcome back hoss. :O)

Bill Blancett said...


Thanks, I'm back.